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Up, Up, Up!

Posted Oct 22 2010 7:22am
This week has been very interesting. It's had it's ups and downs. Good and bad in my professional life...VERY good in my personal life.

So let's see...Basically Dave and I officially set a date for our wedding - Sunday, Februrary 13, 2011. Yes, that's in like, what? Less than four months? But we are set on doing it on that date at the vineyard in Lodi. We are so excited. That gives me four months to really kick butt and make sure that I look amazing in my wedding dress for that day. This morning I started off my day with a breakfast smoothie, and now I'm at Starbucks enjoying my green tea with honey. A healthy start to a good day.

Another good thing that's happened to me is that I recently joined Julie's Beach Body Team (Julie also scanned the SHAPE magazine cover and my article) and have become an online fitness coach. I'm hoping to really get out there and reach more people. I love it when someone has read my blog or seen my story in SHAPE and tells me that I've inspired them. That really means a lot. I like that I was able to turn something tragic into something good. Dave even told me that one of his co-workers read my article and she's ready to start getting back to it. I've never met her before, but it's good to know that my story or my writing can reach so many people. Being part of Julie's team, I'm hoping to reach a lot more people and help them reach their goals. Once my Beach Body page is up and running, I will post it to share with everyone.

Yesterday, I went to the City of Lodi with Dave (he's now my "Business Manager") for an important meeting. I want to start teaching Turbo Kick classes in our area...So, as of yesterday, I signed a contract with the city and will be teaching TK once a week starting in March 2011. Rachel said that if my class picks up, I can increase the days per week. So, wish me luck!

Honestly, I'm keeping The Secret in my mind and I think that's why everything is coming to me the way that I want. The power of positive thinking :)

Oh yea, and my birthday is in four days! I'm really excited. Dave has something planned for us tomorrow night. I think he's taking me to dinner...Sunday is my birthday dinner with my family. It's tradition that my mom ALWAYS makes me vegetarian enchiladas with homemade tortillas for my birthday dinner - one of my favorite dishes that she makes. I'm really excited about that. Also, I get to spend time with my family. And Tuesday, which is my REAL birthday will be spent relaxing. I love it!
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