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Unwanted Thoughts About Your Favorite Foods Can Wreck Your Weight-Loss Progress. What to Do, What Not to Do.

Posted Dec 10 2012 5:00am
Gaining unwanted weight isn’t just about eating so much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods. It’s also about having unwanted thoughts and unwanted images about food. These thoughts and images about food often interfere with your weight-loss regimen and prevent you from having successful weight loss.

Do you have thoughts about food that you cannot stop?
Are there images about food that come to mind that you cannot get rid of easily?
Do you have persistent thoughts of certain foods?
Do you try to get rid of these thoughts and images of food?
Are there foods that you try not to think about?
Do you have lots of thoughts about food that you don’t tell anyone about?
Do you keep busy just to keep thoughts and images of food out of your mind?

What have you noticed if you’ve tried to suppress unwanted thoughts and images about food? Has the result been like saying to yourself “Don’t think about so and so,” and then you can’t stop thinking of it? Did you get this kind of rebound effect?

One thing you can do if suppressing food thoughts and images doesn’t work for you is to be more accepting of them. You can tell yourself they are only thoughts and they will pass. You might also try waiting out the thought or image. Thoughts and images actually have a pretty short life. If the thoughts and images you are having are more persistent, try riding them out, like you’d ride the crest of a wave—just like you’d ride out an urge that you don’t want to act on. Another thing you can do is to give your food thought and image a subjective strength rating. How strong is it from zero to 100, where zero is “no strength at all” and 100 is “the strongest possible food thought or image in the world”. Rating it gives you some control over it. Every food thought or image you have is probably not of equal strength. Seeing that some are lightweights helps you to feel that you’re not always battling Goliath.

Let us know what you discover and, of course, how you do.
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