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Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
I thought I'd air my experiences of underwear in public!

Knickers! They're getting too big. On the plus side though, I'm obviously getting more fashionable because they are now protruding above the line of my trousers!!! I think my knickers were the largest I could buy from M+S - size 22-24. Bridget Jones eat yer' heart out! However, I kept some of my old knickers which are size 20 and these now fit really nicely. Problem is, I only have a couple of pairs of these so I'll have to go hunting for some more soon. I heard a lady, a fellow bandit, saying the other day that her pre-weight loss knickers are the size of those 'joke' knickers that you can buy for people at Christmas (you know the ones, with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Father Christmas painted on in a strategic place!).

Bras! I thought I'd have to give these ones up because they were starting to hand off me. Then I remembered that you can adjust both the clips at the back as well as the straps! I know that sounds obvious, but I have NEVER had to reduce the size of a bra before so had forgotten that you could. Every bra I have ever owned has always been set to maximum chest circumference and strap length by default! The only thing is, it is clear that the cups are also getting a little on the large size - something that hasn't gone unnoticed by my husband - he said he's going to "ask for his money back"!

Socks! OK, not the most glamorous of underwear items but worth a mention. All I really wanted to say was that a lady at the support group last weekend reported that since losing loads of weight, her shoe size has dropped from a size 5 to a size 3! Imagine that, losing weight can reduce your foot size - ha ha! The only thing is, this could work out quite expensive - it's bad enough having to buy new clothes, without adding new shoes to the list as well! I cannot honestly say I have noticed any change in my feet as a result of losing weight - but watch this space!
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