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Understanding Calorie Intake to Lose Weight. Interesting Facts to Consider

Posted Jun 08 2009 7:02pm

Weight loss is an issue on the minds of a great many people. According to a recent study, over 64% of Americans are overweight, and 48% of Europeans are overweight. An estimated 27% of Americans fall into the “obese” category.

For most people, those are some scary statistics! But for the $61 billion dollar weight loss industry, those statistics are fantastically encouraging!

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Herbal Magic, Dexatrim, Sure Slim, Slim Fast, Atkins, NutriSystem, LA Weight Loss. They are all highly marketed commercial products and programs that we recognize as parts of our daily lives. They are programs that will – for a price – help you lose weight.

That is, until you stop using them, at which time you have become so dependent on them that without their “support”, or “product”, you are nearly guaranteed to regain your weight, and more!

So how do you know how to lose weight safely, quickly, easily and most importantly, permanently?

In order to truly understand how to lose weight you need to recognize one important thing: all of those aforementioned weight loss programs have one central thing in common - they are all counting calorie intake to lose weight, and controlling portion sizes in order to help people get results.

And those are things that with a good source of guidance, you can do yourself, and for free!

No need to buy shakes, pills, herbal treatments or pre-packaged meals! No need to go to daily or weekly weigh-ins, or group meetings!

You can lose weight safely, independently and quickly.

You can learn the correct way to lose weight once and for all by tracking your calorie intake to lose weight.

You can learn that there is no great secret to weight loss!

Weight loss is about one thing and one thing only: tracking and reducing calorie intake to lose weight.

The truth is simply this: if you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body burns.

The big secret is that weight loss isn’t really a secret at all! It’s just a simple mathematical formula: burn more calories than you eat and your body will lose weight.

It’s easy, it’s natural.

Of course, you do need to know some specifics. You need to know how many calories your body burns in a day, and how many calories your body needs to take in per day. You need to understand your metabolism. You need to know which foods to eat and which foods have more “good” calories than others. But in the end, it really is all about tracking and reducing calorie intake to lose weight.

With the proper guide to calorie value, calorie burning methods and formulas, portion control and tracking devices, you can be on your way to permanently getting the body you have always wanted!

So act now! Learn how you too can follow the only method that works: calorie intake to lose weight.

You will never regret learning about your own body and how to make it into the optimal, healthy machine that you have always wanted it to be!

Visit this blog in order to know more about weight loss!

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