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Under Good Diet Tips for the Holidays, Where Do Feeling Tempted and Self Control Come In?

Posted Nov 20 2010 7:58am

Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching, and what are so many dieting women afraid of?

Losing control?

According to a particular view of self-cntrol called the "limited resource model", you have a limited amount of self-control. If you have used a lot of self-control -- otherwise known as willpower -- in a situation, then you may not have enough left to use in a subsequent situation. This leaves you in a weakened state, much more vulnerable to temptations.

A key means of not being caught in this kind of weakened state is to increase your awareness of an upcoming situation where you will be calling on yourself to use self-control -- for example, when faced with all the holiday goodies. If you can forewarn yourself about a situation coming up that may weaken your resistance to temptation, then you have a chance to conserve your self-control energy. You can "save it up" so to speak, and have more for the moments when you really need it.

So, before a holiday like Thanksgiving, you might go a bit easy on yourself and all you ask of yourself. Don't get depleted. Don't try and meet every demand put before you. Don't attempt tasks that require you to reign in your natural tendencies. Try to not do things that call for an enormous amount of willpower. Save your strength. The you are less likely to be influenced by 1. food temptations and 2. other people.



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