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Unable to Lose Weight? What’s the Problem?

Posted Oct 26 2012 5:00am

“Because nothing is ever good enough, I never finish anything.”

I weigh 187 pounds and I’m 5’4”. I’ve been trying to shed these extra pounds for at least the last 15 years. What must you think of me?

I can tell you what I think of me. I’m a big, fat woman who is destined to be unhappy until I do something about weighing so much.

My good friends say I’m perfectionistic. Some perfectionistic, I never finish anything.

How did I get this way? I didn’t get this way; I was born this way. At least that’s what my father always said. He and my mother noticed that even when I was a tiny baby I had to have things just so. My mother had to feed me just so, and my father always had to play with me just so. If they didn’t, I fussed; and they conformed. That’s the story.

You probably can guess the rest. Every time I try to start dieting, I have to do it just so, which never works. I get so filled with frustration and anger at myself that I end up quitting, just stopping the diet. Then later, months or even a year later, I start dieting again, with renewed hope.

I’d like to solve this perennial problem, but I don’t know how. I’ve thought of buying a book on how to stop emotional eating. But is it emotional eating? I don’t think so. It’s far more pervasive than being an emotional eater. I need help.

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