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Unable to Lose Weight? Try Silencing Some Daily Habits.

Posted Aug 28 2012 6:55am

What you do so automatically that you call it habit is what having a weight problem is all about. Practice strengthens a habit while it weakens the possibility of you taking alternative actions. If you are overweight, it’s for sure you are practicing and practicing your weight-maintaining habits. Think what this means if you a trying to lose some weight. Your old ways are getting practiced and your new ways don’t stand a chance.

Habits are made to be broken. That’s what you’re going to have to do if you have your mind set on losing your unwanted weight—break those weight-loss-blocking habits. Habits, though, are like a 500 lb gorilla. And you know what a 500 lb gorilla can do—anything she wants. So how do you break habits like eating too much food, indulging in fattening snacks, and binging now and again—your 500 lb gorilla?

One way is to take the legs right out from under her. A habit’s legs are its goal. You didn’t think habits were mindless, did you? There’s a goal behind every habit, especially your eating habits.

To see what the goal of your eating habits are, try the following:

List the pros and cons for losing weight, and then list the pros and cons for not losing any weight.

            Losing Weight                                                    Not Losing Weight
         Pro                Con                                                 Pro                  Con

Pay the most attention to what you write down for the “pros” of not losing weight. In fact, write as much as you can about what is positive for you—yes, you heard right, positive about not losing weight. This is where you will find your goals for not losing weight. This is where you start to take the legs right out from under that hard to dislodge habit that is doing just what it wants and thwarting your best efforts to reduce your weight.


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