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Uh, Oh. Setting and Achieving Goals is the Secret to Losing Weight. Check It Out.

Posted Mar 23 2012 7:11am

If your weight-loss process is about anything, it is about goals. Goals, goals, goals. You set them at the outset, long-term probably: “I want to lose all this extra weight I’m carrying.” You set them each day: “On my diet today I will have the following…” You set goals in the moment as well: “I am dieting and I want to keep dieting successfully so I’ll ride out my craving for a special treat” (read: fattening food).

So there are goals. Good thing. But did you know that these same goals that get you from point A to point B, these same goals that guide you along your weight-loss journey, that are important to your success, are the very goals that can be your downfall as well?  Think of it this way. When you reach your goal or especially when you exceed your goal, it is truly satisfying, and you feel satisfied. But what happens when you don’t reach your goal, when you fall short of it? You are dissatisfied. The danger to your weight-loss regimen here is that a buildup of dissatisfaction often leads to less motivation, a weakening of commitment, and eventual quitting.

This is why it’s so important for successful weight loss and the world of goals, goals, goals, to set goals for yourself that you can reach—which means the goals you set should be within your current ability level. Notice the word current, which indicates that ability level is not a fixed entity but a fluid set of skills that can be practiced, learned, and made part of your daily life.


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