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Two Places at One Time

Posted May 10 2011 9:28am

Hey friends! Congrats on making it through Monday. I hope you tackle Tuesday with just as much enthusiasm :)

I am SOOOO excited that I was asked to be a guest blogger for Erin Baker’s website . Have you heard of Erin Baker? As in Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies? They saw my post on Healthy Pops and asked if I would be interested in sharing it on their site. Of COURSE! How awesome is that? You can check it out here .

AND, you can head over to Naturally Yours to see my guest post. Beth wrote a guest post for me last week, and I was honored to return the favor to her. Please Please PLEASE head over there and check out my post – and PLEEEEEEEEEASE leave me some comment love so I know you were there. I love hearing from you guys because you’re AWESOME!!


I did an amazing workout combo last night - 45 minutes of Sh’Bam followed by 1 hour of Body Pump. Have you heard of Sh’Bam? If not, you should check it out. It’s a really fun workout and you can easily burn around 600 calories if you go full out. Here are clips from my two favorite tracks from the new release.

“Americano” – good music, great dance track. So easy to put a lot into it!


My second fave track is “Fame” – yep, just like the movie. This track takes me back to my childhood days, when I used to pretend believe that I was an amazing dancer. I also thought I was an amazing gymnast. I would stand in the hallway where I had a straight path to the kitchen counter. I would turn to the judges (as all gymnasts do), run at full speed (for the 12 feet up to the counter), and then spring myself off of the counter and land perfectly. In other words, I would run up to the counter, put both hands on top, push myself up off of the ground, and then land again. It was a counter vault. And I always scored a perfect 10. I digress…back to Sh’Bam. The “Fame” track is fun. Check out the last part of the video – the leap. My counter vaulting days prepped me for this leap. See, I knew there was a reason I told you that.


Fun, right? And how can you NOT have fun with a workout called “Sh’Bam”?


Don’t forget to check out my Erin Baker Guest Post AND my Guest Post over at Naturally Yours. Leave your mark (i.e. comment) so I know you were there. :)

Until next time,


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