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Twitter lists: Like slapping a label on my forehead

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:00pm

Twitter lists are here! Twitter lists are here! And everyone on Twitter is twittering about the Twitter lists and, um, what exactly is a Twitter list, and why do I need it? I am usually a fan of lists, like my grocery list and my to-do list, but I admit I didn't know I needed a Twitter list or that I was supposed to want a Twitter list. My general non-interest in the new fangled toys kids these day are playing is probably a sign of my gradual journey into old age. Oh well!

I did eventually look into these lists thingys, just so I'd know what everyone was talking about, and I can see how they would be useful. A Twitter list is a group of people you have put together under a particular label. Then you can go to the list page and read all the tweets from just those people. It is a good way for you to discover new Twitter folk you might want to follow who have similar interests as you. I'm not sure why they call them Twitter lists instead of Twitter groups. Whatever. I didn't name them.

What I find most interesting about this new feature is that you can see what public groups lists other people have put you on. Which means you get to see how other people see you and what labels they are slapping on your forehead. As of this moment, I have been but on 45 public lists, which you can see here.

  • By far, most people have categorized me as "health" or "weight loss" or "diet" or "food." (Uh oh, please don't eat me!)
  • Indiana bloggers have put me on a few "locals" or "Hoosiers" lists
  • Some people have labeled me as "cool" and "sexy." (Right back at ya'!)
  • I'm also on a few "women" lists or "blogger" lists or just "online" lists.
  • Inexplicably, someone also put me on a "political" list, which has got to be an error on their part.
  • One person labeled me as an "author" which I find very cool. Thanks!

I'll probably be checking my lists page in the future just to see how other people see me. It's interesting how it compares to how I see myself.

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