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Twinkies on a Diet? Say It Ain’t So!

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:37pm
Twinkie Bites, Now Only 100 Calories

It’s true. Hostess will slim down the Twinkie and follow suit in the newest low-calorie version trend sweeping the snack food industry. Hostess has unveiled a repackaged 100-calorie version of the iconic Twinkie, called Twinkie Bites. How good will it taste? Probably just as deliciously fattening as the original, but I don’t want to find out! I recall eating these up as a kid and loving every artery clogging bite.

See them for yourself on Hostess’s site: Twinkie Bites

From the Hostess site:

“In each pack of Twinkie Bites you’ll find three deliciously moist mini sponge cakes with all the rich creamy filling and great Twinkie taste you’ve loved since you were a kid, now with just 100 calories per pack.

Try new Strawberry Cupcakes and satisfy your cravings with three indulgent strawberry mini cakes, all with cream cheese icing, creamy filling and only 100 calories per pack.

Look for new Twinkie Bites and Strawberry Cupcakes in the Hostess section of your favorite store.”

So, I suppose it will taste like the original.

Twinkie Pop Quiz: Test your Twinkie knowledge, don’t fret boys and girls it’s multiple choice. Answers will be posted in the comments.

1) How many calories are in a Twinkie?

A) 427 calories
B) 89 calories
C) 150 calories
D) 305 calories

2) How many Twinkies are eaten each year?

A) 89,789,987
B) 150 Billion
C) 305 Billion
D) 500 Million
E) A Quadrillion

3) Which Hostess snack has less calories than a Twinkie?

A) Brownie Bite
B) Ding Dong
C) Ho Ho

We want your feed back!

What is your favorite snack food? Write us back or leave a comment and tell us why!

Here’s a CNN article on Twinkies.

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Twinkies on a Diet? Say It Ain’t So!

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