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TV Food Advertising: Targeted to Kids

Posted by AregM

The Kaiser Family Foundation has undertaken the largest study ever of TV food advertising to children. Here are the salient details. Age 2-7 Age 8-12 Age 13-17 Food ads seen per day 12 21 17 Food ads seen per year 4,400 6,000 7,600 Percentage of ads seen where food was the main product advertised 32% 25% 22% Of all genres on TV, shows specifically designed for children under 12 have the highest proportion of food advertising (50% of all ad time). Of all food ads that target children or teens: * 34% are for candy and snacks. * 28% are for cereal * 10% are for fast foods. * 4% dairy products * 1% fruit juices. * Out of all 8,854 ads reviewed - there were none for fruits or vegetables. The Bait ....Continued on
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