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Turkey Love & Turkey Hate

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:02pm

We had a great day yesterday. We decorated the yard for Christmas, we had a nice meal, and I ran a 5K! YAY! This particular 5K benefited a charity organization that provides food to underprivileged folks that live here.  The morning was cold as you can see from my posture walking up to the start line. (I’m the one with the ponytail!) There were about 400 people there which was much better than my last 5K in which about 30 people participated! I felt like I could get lost in the crowd and would definitely not be last! We got started at 8:03 a.m. and as I turned the first corner a woman right up ahead of me fell flat on her face! The girl next to me stopped as did I. That poor woman just laid there for a few seconds and then immediately started bawling like a baby! I felt so bad for her. We helped her up and after a little bit of time she said she was fine. So I went off again.

I’ve done this 5K before so THOUGHT I knew the route. But no. They changed it and added in two gigantic hills. Gigantic. As in, whenever we drove those hills heading to the mall the kids and I would say, “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to ride our bikes up this hill.” That’s how big it was. And it was at the end! But I had a strategy just in case. I walked up the hill. And since, as you all know, walking is my favorite exercise, I am FAST. On that hill I passed 8 people who were trying to run/walk up that hill. And it felt like I was getting a break while I walked fast up the hill. Win-Win!

Getting Ready to Run 5K
So I moseyed my way around the course, up and down the hills. Last time I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. I had some panic thoughts at the beginning of the last race, but in between that race and this one I trained much smarter and really worked on my endurance rather than worrying so much about speed. So at the end I passed a bunch of people who had petered out, including this very beautiful blonde lady with her hair done and a full face of make up on! Who does that?

I finished in 30:52 seconds. This was an improvement over my last time by over a minute. If I hadn’t stopped to help the lady then I might have come in under 30:00 which is my goal for next race. I’m very happy with my time and my experience, but the competitor in me says, “You can do better!” So that’s the Turkey Love part of my post.
At the Finish 5K

Now for the Turkey Hate. I do like to cook but I have decided if I never have to wrestle another turkey into the oven again I will be a happy woman. I’ve always hated messing with the bigness, the messiness, and the lengthy cooking times! Also, since I’m a bit of a germ-o-phobe, I am like a crazy woman with the cleaner after I’ve had the turkey around the kitchen! Yuck. So, if you are still with me this time next year, please remind me to order a turkey from a store and be done with it!

Other than the cooking turkey part of my day, the rest of it was great! How about you?  Diane

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