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Turbocharge Your Weight Loss

Posted Apr 13 2009 11:02pm

363665579_7792202f3a[1] At times when you’re trying to lose weight, it can get frustrating when you’re doing everything you can in order to lose weight. But this may be because you’re going about it the wrong way it could be that you may be eating the wrong foods or not exercising the way you could be.

In December 2008 some Canadian researchers found that, in a period of two weeks some women who did interval training managed to boost their fat burning by a whopping 36 percent. A certain type of growth hormone which is present in people’s bodies and is responsible for the growth of muscle and eliminating of fat.

Went through the roof when they exercised a certain way, they were monitored for 30 seconds was being on a stationary bike, the Australian researchers who conducted the study had a group of 18 women doing 20 minutes of interval training on a static bike, this was followed by some eight second sprinting, and a 12 second period of time to recover.

They did this for three days a week, the women who were involved in the study lost a overall average of 5 1/2 pounds over a period of 15 weeks, a similar group which ran alongside the other group, who did 40 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week actually gained a pound of fat this was done over the same period time as the other group.

Two women who did interval training dropped 18 pounds eventually, so why does this happen ? one of the researchers who was part of the study said this when you exercise this particular way you target more of the muscle.

The average type of exercise uses something called slow twitch or endurance, and uses less high twitch. When you work high twitch muscle movements you gain more shapely muscle, which tends to fast-track your fitness. The overall gain of this is your body uses more oxygen which in turn leads to more efficient fat burning.


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