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Trying to Lose Some Weight is a Personal Conflict Waiting to Happen

Posted Dec 02 2012 5:00am

Do you get in conflict with yourself when you are trying to lose some weight?

You want to lose your unwanted weight. You definitely do. You’ve said so to friends and family members. You even told your doctor the last time you had a check up. You can’t stand the way you look, much too heavy for your own liking. The full-length mirror on the back of your bedroom door is your mortal enemy. Going up and down stairs is always and forever a breathless ordeal.

But what did you do after dinner last night, when you promised yourself you wouldn’t? You got out the usual snack food, bagel chips and lots of different cheeses. First of all, what were you doing with so many cheeses anyway? Was it part of some grand plan for keeping the conflict going? 

This is what it means to be in conflict. On the one hand you want one thing, and on the other hand you want something that will spoil your chance of getting the first thing.

How will you resolve your conflict so you can lose your excess weight?  

The usual answer is by doing better at the dieting and exercise side of the conflict. As you can tell from the weight-loss failure statistics, the usual method is not working. The conflict between successfully losing unwanted weight and having to give up weight-maintaining and weight-gaining ways in order to do so is just too strong to go at it by choosing a side.

Keep in mind that a conflict is a conflict because both sides of the conflict are what you want. To resolve this conflict so that the outcome is lasting weight loss, you will have to find a way of reducing your desire for weight-gaining and weight-maintaining ways.

If you need help settling this conflict, please go to The Reading Room and the White Paper, both of which are in the left-hand column of this blog at Or, if you want to have an actual book or an e-book to read through and refer to, check out the weight-loss books for women section on the right-hand side of this blog.

If you need more specific help, email us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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