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Trying for a New Body and a New Body Image

Posted Sep 16 2010 2:00am

Wait 'til you see what your body looks like once you lose weight.

It will no longer be a thing of shame that you hide under layers or inside something over-sized. There won't be anyone else critical of your body either. No more insulting comments and looks from family, friends, people in general?

Here are some ways you might feel about your body once you've lost the weight.

 You probably will be satisfied with your overall appearance.

 You may be more satisfied with parts of your body that you're dissatisfied with now.

 It should be a lot easier for you to perceive your body as being fit.

 You may want to discuss your new appearance with other people in your life.

 People will most likely perceive the new body-you more positively.

 You may very well let any negative comments about your sleeker body go in one ear and out the other.

 You can expect that exercising will take on a whole new meaning.

 There will be the mirror, dreaded no more.

      And have you forgotten shopping? What will it be like to shop with that new body of yours.                           

As you can see, when you've lost the weight your new body will bring you lots of pleasure. So go for it.  



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