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Trust Me On The SunScreen!

Posted Jun 02 2011 11:10am

Who could ever forget this great speech with some sound advice given to the class of 1999.  To put it in perspective all of the people this speech was originally directed at are 30+ years of age.  I wonder at what age they find this person's advice to be correct or not correct.  I personally think that it's about 80% true, 20% not so much.  If you've never heard the speech (Put to song) I think it's something everyone should hear at least once and make your own decision! 

The one thing that the orator repeats continually though, and claims to be the only fact in the advice he gives is to "Wear sunscreen".  This is very often the most forgotten thing people do in the summer when exercising outdoors.  I'm not going to hit you over the head with why you should use sunscreen, everyone already knows that you should.  Sunscreen can be expensive, but more importantly, it can be a pain in the butt to apply before you go out for a jog, walk, etc.   It is one more "Yuck, I don't want to have to deal with putting it on, I just want to go out for a run/walk/etc." 

Currently before a run I put on my belly bra , weight vest , hydration pack , and wrist weights .  This can take about 5 minutes to prepare from start to finish.  It may not sound like much time, but it's just an annoyance that I don't want to deal with when going out for a run.  Now to add another step before my run will add more time that it takes to prepare to leave.  I know I'm not alone here, my fellow nerds, so stop rolling your eyes like you can't believe the frivolity of what I just said!  I'm not the only person that runs a significant distance every day, but will fight with Grandma with honking and middle fingers flying back and forth from both directions in order to get a 10 foot closer parking spot at the mall!  Don't pretend you've never done it!

Bradford Pennyweather:

"You really shouldn't tax your brain too much by trying to drive and honk a horn at the same time!  Tata!"

That said, adding sunscreen as part of your routine is a necessary thing to do or you'll get skin cancer.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but if you are out in the sun for hours a day with no protection, every day, you'll get it.  Now, the second biggest problem with sunscreen, especially on your face, is that when you are sweating the sunscreen can end up in your eyes.  It will burn like a scorned woman, and it can be relentless.  When you are finally done and take a look in the mirror your eyes will be as red as a crack addicts!  Skin cancer can actually start to seem not that bad in comparison to being blind!

To review, the two issues with sunscreen are
  1. A pain to apply.
  2. When you sweat it goes in your eyes.
There is good news my friend.  There is a company that saw these issues and made a solution! goes on in a fine mist like hair spray, not by plopping some out and applying it slowly.  This alone makes it something I would want to use.  It appeals to my laziness.  The second problem is also taken care of, unlike the French army, it doesn't run. Waka waka!!! So it stays out of your eyes.

Kurtis Lort:
"Amateur pun for a professional buffoon."

I have been using this on my runs for the past few weeks and I haven't gotten sunburned or skin cancer yet, so I also assume it's effective at doing it's primary job, protecting you from the sun's harmful rays.  According to some of the reviews of it on Amazon it can stain light clothing, but I've personally never noticed that.  As my jogging clothes typically go from running, to drying, to washing, with no inspection stage inbetween, I might not see any stains because it's washed out.

Tip O' The Day:
Wear Sunscreen!

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