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True Key to Stress Management...

Posted Nov 16 2012 10:00am

I posted this pic a few weeks back, and it’s still getting tumbled around. Obviously it hit a cord with a lot of people. It certainly did for me.

I think of anything I ever read this is the real deal when it comes to managing stress and becoming that person you want to be.

Things happen in our life, it’s alright to grieve but in reality learning from what we lost or what we experienced keeps us growing in the right direction. I don’t think its necessary to be a realist all the time, but having a grip on reality should be our number one priority.

A pessimistic attitude is important when we are about to repeat the mistakes we made in the past. Optimism is important to give us confidence and expect the best in ourselves and others most of the time, but realism helps us deal with expectations that never come true yet and bring us down.

Let’s take for example a break up. Many can attest that it feels like the end of the world. In reality we need to take some time to reflect then adjust with the current situation. Optimistically think it ended for a reason, pessimistically don’t get yourself involve in a similar situation. You learn what worked and what didn’t, In the future seek someone who best suits what you discovered about yourself. Don’t seek love for the sake of comfort and availability.

We think we know everything when were young, however we grieve about our mistakes at the time and learn it’s water under the bridge quicker than we know it. True realist can grow after every life event in a positive way. A lot of people however grow cold to the world, pessimistic and hateful for the rest of their lives. If you feel you’re there know, here’s your opportunity to change it. Adjust the sails, hope for better weather, but don’t expect it. Most importantly steer away from the same storms that left you ship wrecked before.

Have a awesome weekend!


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