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Trouble Losing Weight—Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve

Posted Dec 14 2012 6:40am

Beware! The weight-loss process is filled with “if only”.

“If only I would have __________, I could have _______________.”

Now you might look at the “if only” as an excuse. But look closer, please. The “if only” might well be your way to imagine how things could have gone beyond what actually occurred.

Reflecting on what might have been is a good way of using psychology to lose weight. The “if only” gets weight-loss psychology going. With the “if only” you are making a mental simulation of a better reality, and you can use this mental simulation to improve future outcomes.

So next time you come up with “If only I would have __________” don’t just see it as an excuse. See the “if only” as your way of securing a brighter future with more successful weight-loss for yourself.


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