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Trapped on a Dessert-Free Island?

Posted by Stephen M.

Ive been losing weight consistently since I gave up desserts last New Years Eve. I make popcorn for everybody at office birthdays and totally avoid the massive pieces of cake they try to heave my way, that way. I eat enough at lunch and dinner that I dont need to follow it up with any treat. But once in a while, I wish I could have a little something. Like what?
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Fruity Tuit. Dude, go for fruits, fruits and more fruits. If you miss ice cream, try freezing your fruit. Frozen cherries, ripe blueberries and ripe strawberries are incredibly satisfying and have to be seen to be believed. And eaten. I haven't frozen a grape yet but who nose.
Chocolate is still the best dessert.... A piece of dark chocolate is not only tasty, but it's super high in antioxidants. Pair that with some berries (blue and black are delicious with chocolate), and you'll definitely feel like you're indulging, even if you aren't.
Sounds funny, but.... Try freezing some fat free cool whip. It sounds odd, I know, but it is surprisingly good. You can throw in some berries, or even dried cranberries and chocolate chips with each serving.
Cool whip and chocolate pudding mix. Elaborating on the cool whip friend has a great "recipe" for a chocolatey snack without many calories. Get a package of fat free cool whip, and add the powder used to make instant puddings--doesn't even have to be chocolate, really, if it's not your favorite. I also create my own slushies with a light juice drink and lots of ice, mixed in a blender. Helps me curb my craving for ice cream!
Freeze Your Grapes!. You mentioned you hadn't tried freezing grapes yet...well, you're seriously missing out. Get some and get them in the freezer, quick! They're perfect for munching on. 1. They're cold, so you eat them slowly and they last a while. 2. The skin has a very satisfying "pop" when you bite it. 3. They're sweet and it seems like you're eating something forbidden. The forbidden fruit, if you will.
Be careful!. I know they mean well, but the suggestions to eat fat free cool whip and fat free pudding are not such great ideas. Fat-free does NOT mean calorie free. In fact, studies have shown that people who drink fat free drinks and eat fat free food actually consume more of it (plus it can set off other unhealthy cravings), and are usually heavier than average! Besides, fat free cool whip and fat free pudding are chock full of weird synthetic ingredients that you would never want in you body. Stick to the good advice of a few pieces of natural dark chocolate (no milk or milkfat in the ingredients as milk proteins will bind to the antioxidants rendering them unusable by the body) or frozen/fresh fruits. If that doesn't do it for you--I'd say go ahead and eat a very small portion of what you're craving every once in a while. Just eat it slow and savor it. I get whole grain dark chocolate chip cookies from my local health food store to save me in a sweet tooth emergency.
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