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Tops trial

Posted Mar 17 2010 4:06am
Ok, I gathered up my courage and made it to the tops meeting. I got there at the weigh-in time, the leader was very informative. She explained how it worked, gave me some information and offered for me to stay. I accepted and explained that my goal is only 15-20lbs away. She said that was ok, and offered me to weigh in if I wanted. I accepted, she directed me to the room, said I should take off my shoes and jacket, tap and step up on the scale if I want. I do it and "err" flashes on the screen. "oh know" I think I broke the scale. I try again with the same results. I say "i think I broke the scale it says err" they laugh. Then I remember her saying "tap" duh, I tap it and it says ready. Hop up and beep 146.4 "whoa" I say. They don’t record it as It was my first meeting. As we wait for people to weigh-in she explains that it is mostly ladies (with one other guy). They start and each person takes a week to host. Each person announces if they gained or lost. One lady passes out a sheet from heat magazine about good and bad food choices. It was very informative, and me being new they passed out more log sheets for diet and exercise. Before we left the ladies were very nice, thanking me for coming. I hope to continue as it was informative and held me accountable.
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