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TOPS Exchange Program and Being a Leader

Posted Nov 09 2012 10:46am
Wednesday was TOPS and I am now back in the leader role as our leader's mom has had some health problems and so he's stepped down for awhile.  Back earlier in the year I thought I would like not being leader so I stepped down to co-leader.  In the beginning I didn't mind not being leader and it seemed like a relief.  But as the months went by I soon realized just how many meetings I had missed this year.  I think I would have had to miss more than usual but I think there were some that I "chose" to miss just not wanting to go in and face the scale and not feeling like something was making me go. 

With all the emotional stuff I've went through this year facing that scale was important.  So as the months went by and my weight crept up it was an eye opener to me just how much I needed TOPS and my chapter members.  But it also made me realize that though so often I fly by the seat of my pants in the leader role I enjoyed trying to motivate and inspire my chapter members. 

Some might think TOPS is just a crutch but I've always been in the mind that if something helps you then why not do it.  I'm always for something that brings accountability and also the motivation and support when you don't feel quite strong enough to dish it out to yourself. 

This week I started a challenge with my chapter.  It's something that will benefit me but also with all of us working on the same thing it will hopefully bring some new motivation to my chapter members as well.  Do you all remember the old "deal a meal" program by Richard Simmons?  It's very similar in that, you use exchange cards.  TOPS exchange program is based on the diabetic pyramid so it's about getting in all the food groups in certain quantities. 

When I was pregnant with Marie I had gestational diabetes so I used the diabetic pyramid and exchanges to keep my diabetes under control.  So other than that 3 months of my life I can't say I've ever really paid all that much attention to having a certain amount of anything other than more protein and less carbs.  I did learn a lot of lessons during that time though about combining protein and carbs at each meal as the processing of that in your body showed a huge difference in my blood sugar numbers.  I lose my weight through mostly calorie counting and though I did focus on whole foods I wasn't strict with myself about food groups.

My first day yesterday was really showing me some areas I could improve in with nutrition.  It's also gotten me back to smaller mini meals which I had found in the past month or so I had strayed from.  I even ended up with a few cards left over in my 1500 calories yesterday.  I'm sure as the days go by though I will get more use to this food plan and adjust but it just makes me realize that changing things up is a good thing sometimes.

Last night I went to the dentist, can't say I enjoyed getting my teeth clean but at least no cavities or other teeth issues.  After that I stopped at the grocery and got some things for the week.  Then came home and did some cooking.  I really enjoy cooking now it's so relaxing to me to be in the kitchen, chopping, peeling, preparing different foods.
Only a week till Kevin comes to visit us.  I'm looking forward to meeting the new woman and the little girl.  Then less than a week after that we will be heading to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to my morning walks there and just some peaceful time on the porch.  My goal for my visit there is not to over do the food and to keep my mouth shut when it comes to Mike's brother :) lets hope I can manage both. 
Till next time...
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