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Top Secrets Revealed: Dietary Tips From Olympic Athletes

Posted Nov 08 2012 7:50am

Athlete #44 - Mike Adamshick, 2012/08/05 Olympic athletes are world-class and are the epitome of health and fitness. Since they are the best-in-class, we should be able to take some pointers from them in terms of health. What is necessary to get in Olympic athlete shape? Let’s take a look at what many of the Olympic athletes of the past have said:

Hydration is essential to an Olympic athlete’s health regimen. The body is mostly comprised of water and can only survive a short period of time without water. Water is an excellent form of hydration. When athletes exercise, they sweat profusely. They must replenish the water lost through perspiration.

When you drink water it should be from filters rather than from plastic bottles. This ensures better health. If you must transport your water, it is better to use stainless steel containers than to use plastic bottles.

Water and exercise can often cause athletes to excrete nutrients and electrolytes from the body at accelerated rates. Potassium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate are necessary electrolytes. These are necessary for proper nerve function, brain function and enzyme functionality. There are many electrolyte drinks on the market, but these drinks are not considered healthy. Olympic athletes recommend Emergen-C packets for daily replenishment of electrolytes.

Foods with antioxidants include: dark, leafy green vegetables and orange, red, blue, purple and yellow fruits and vegetables. Athletes eat foods that will fight free radicals every day.

Athletes take turmeric-based supplements or a cat’s claw supplement to help with pain. These supplements have been shown to relieve pain in an hour. Athletes can get from one event to another with no discomfort if they take supplements. Supplements are better than non-steroidal non-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which cause irreversible kidney and liver damage.

Granola bars are often eaten by track and field experts. It is easy to eat, and granola packs significant energy. Athletes, such as track stars, recommend granola before races when they are pressed for time and need quick energy. Oats are great for the body in terms of cholesterol and heart health. Nuts in granola also have significant health benefits also. Try granola as a snack alternative or for a pick-me-up.

Olympic athletes are on the extreme end of fitness, but their regimens can provide insight into what our regimens should be. Consider how adopting a diet of an Olympic athlete can help you improve your health. You will notice your skin change, and you will feel more energetic. Try their top secrets and work your way to a healthier and happier you. When you emerge with better skin and reduced signs of aging, you will be glad you tried the Olympic athlete dietary regimen.

Written by Kelly H.
Kelly prides herself as an active mum who makes sure her kids get a good dose of vitamin D and exercise in the weekends. She has recently bought her two sons Merida mountain bikes for their 18th birthday. Living the life as a professional triathlete for 10 years, she knows thoroughly how the food you eat and the life you lead can change your energy level immensely.

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