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Top Prescription Weight Loss Drugs that may Work for You

Posted Mar 04 2013 4:14pm

Anti-obesity drugs have always been under the scanner for their side-effects. The good news is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves a few prescribed and over-the-counter pills to fight obesity. Nevertheless the fact remains that only and only drugs can’t cure obesity for a long term. There has to be a combination of physical activity, controlled dietary plans and drugs. Drugs are the last resort for significantly obese people who have already lost some weight and their medical conditions need them to lose more.

How Anti-obesity Drugs Work
Obesity leads to frustration and depression resulting in blindly trying out various methods, prescriptions, advises, magic potions etc. All of this can do more harm than any good to you. To make things less complicated it is always a better idea to know how each one of them works.  

Hence before starting with any weight loss drug it is important to know:

- kinds of anti-obesity drugs available,
- what is their mechanism action to control weight,
- are they suitable to your medical condition,
- expected side effects & risks involved and
- for how long you should take them

Kinds of Weight-loss Drugs

Appetite Supressants
Appetite suppressants are a trick to make your body believe that it is not hungry. These are basically derivatives of Catecholamines – phentermine and amphetamine. Most of the appetite suppressants are recommended for short term use only. They are available over the counter as well through a doctor’s prescription.

Qsymia (combination of phentermine and topiramate) is one long term appetite suppressant that alters the chemical messages sent out to brain how a person feels about food. It makes food less appealing and there is always a feeling of fullness. Qsymia can only be obtained from certified pharmacies

Side Effects: Appetite suppressants can be addictive hence recommended for short term use only.  Phentermine is known to result in increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, restlessness, insomnia etc. All appetite suppressants are NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women.

Fat absorption inhibitors
Fat absorption inhibitors prevent the fat breakdown and block its absorption in the body. The excess fat is then removed from the system through bowels. One such fat absorption inhibitor is Orlistat sold under the trade name of Xenical or Alli. It can be obtained over-the-counter. It is the only long-term fat absorption inhibitor however that being limited to maximum two years.
Side Effects: Fat absorption inhibitors contain Orlistat which is known to cause some temporary mild changes which subside with continuous use.

These are mainly loose stool, increased bowel movement, stomach pain, nausea, stuffy nose, fever or chills. In case of severe symptoms like severe pain in your lower back, blood in urine, drowsiness, confusion stop using the drug and consult a doctor. All fat absorption inhibitors are not RECOMMENDED for pregnant women.

HCG Diet

How HCG Diet Works: HCG Diet is a take-off from the fact that pregnant women are able to nourish the fetus even when their own calorie intake is very low. This is possible because of the hormone HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin). HCG uses the stored fat in case of limited fat consumption. The famous Dr.Simeons HCG diet recommends taking only 500 calories and rest of your needs are taken care of by the HCG shots which melt down the stored fat. This unused, unhealthy fat is coming from the adipose fat tissue rather than the lean muscle.  

HCG shots are legal in US and Canada, however it is strongly recommended to consult a physician and follow the proper HCG protocol to maximize results.

Side Effects: There are very few reported side effects of HCG Vancouver which are very mild in nature and are because of the hormonal shift. HCG diet can be taken by men and women alike however it is NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women.


With hundreds of hormonal therapies in the market, it is important for individuals to make correct decisions that are safe and effective. The author of this post has dedicated all her free time to education you on the nuances of HCG and other safe therapies

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