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Top 8 Ways to Control your Calories through Portion Control

Posted Aug 24 2010 10:05am

Did you know portion control is a lost art in our society? From gigantic restaurant size entr é es   to super sized fast food meals, out view of correct portion sizes are skewed. What used to be considered a meal for at least 2-4 people is now the normal size for a single restaurant entrée.

So what can you do to ensure that you are getting enough food to satiate your hunger, but not too much to where you are getting the calories that make up an entire day’s worth in a single meal?

Use smaller plates and bowls to help you eat fewer calories. This will allow you to still feel you are eating enough without allowing you to overeat. People tend to eat more when more food is placed in front of them.

Similar to using smaller dishes, switch to taller and thinner glasses. This will enable you to quench your thirst without racking up calories from liquid sources. Don’t forget that what you drink accounts for your caloric intake as well!

When you eat out, eat no more than half of your entrée. Restaurant sizes have been blown out of proportion and are enough for at least 2 people. By having more in front of you, you will eat more calories. I recommend asking for a box for the second half when you start eating your entrée to help control how much you are going to eat.

Pass on the offer to super-size your meal. This is where you can save on calories and still have a meal to enjoyJ

Eat slowly and enjoy your meal. Research studies have shown that your body does not register you are full for at least 20 minutes after starting a meal. So, slow down, enjoy your food, and avoid that uncomfortable bloated feeling from eating too much.

Avoid eating out of the box or bag. Decrease the amount of calories you eat by emptying the contents of the bag or box onto a plate. This has shown to decrease how much you desire to eat of the selected food.

When you prepare food at home, limit the amount you make to the servings suggested for the amount of people you have eating. When there is abundance, people tend to eat more. An exception would be to put away extra food in container to be stored in your refrigerator or freezer for use during future meals.

Similar to not preparing abundance during meals, make sure to pay attention to serving size whenever you cook or even when you eat out. This will help you cut your portion size and calorie intake overall which will help you lose weight before you know it!

Use these 8 strategies that are mentioned above to learn how to control your portion size and overall caloric intake. Our society has greatly expanded their view of portion sizes which has led to expanded waist sizes. Help your health and waist size by learning how to eat the healthy way!

To your health journey success,

Amber Keinath


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