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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises For Your Lower Body

Posted Dec 08 2010 5:28pm

Today I’m going to give you my top 5 exercises that work the legs and butt. And to make it interesting I’m only going to give you bodyweight exercises – nothing that requires any weight whatsoever.

This is just another nail in the coffin for those people who think you cannot get a proper, and intense workout using nothing but your own bodyweight.

1) Backstroker

This is one of my new favourites. It is tough just to do step 1 and hold the position where you’ll work your butt, hamstrings, quads, abs and arms but go to step 2 for the real leg workout where your hamstrings get a tough hit out.

2) Prisoner Squats

This takes a normal squat to another level. As well as working your quads, butt and hamstrings you are also working your upper back, shoulders and arms because they remain behind your head the whole time.

3) Glute Bridge March

Works hamstrings, butt and calfs. This is a very effective exercise for the back part of your legs that are often neglected when people are doing a bodyweight workout.

4) Bulgarian Split Squats

Weird name but a super effective exercise that works quads in your back leg and hamstrings and butt in your front leg all at the same time.

5) Box Jumps

A great exercise for blasting your quads and also getting your heart rate up really high. The higher the box or step, the bigger the challenge!

Did I miss any out?

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