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Top 3 Reasons Why A Boxing Weight Loss Workout Works

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:02pm

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I’m about to head on down for a boxing workout cause my usual training partner is out of action today.

I’ve decided to go and pound the bag instead.

I don’t get to do this as much as I’d normally like cause it’s so much fun and really, one of the best weight loss workouts out there.

So here’s my 3 reasons why this is a great workout!

1) You Get To Work Out Any Frustrations

I lost my iPod yesterday (with the tunes for our wedding on there) so that’s as a reason as any! No seriously, I’m over that now but really if you’ve had a bad day or an arguement with someone this is a great way.

2) Your Heart Rate Goes Through The Roof
Boxing is without a doubt one of the best interval training routines possible that sends your heart rate sky high each and every time.

You go to town for a round or a track length of a song and then have a short rest – the perfect interval training protocol

3) It Works Every Muscle In Your Body
I know that when I box – my lats (back muscles) are absolutely killing me the next day and that’s just the start.

Your abs hurt, your chest hurts, you can barely lift your arms above your head (lucky I don’t have much hair!) and your legs get a workout too if you are punching with correct technique – it should be a whole body movement unlike the people you see just throwing handbags and using only their arms.

Okay, the clocks ticking, I’m outta here and it’s time to get the gloves on!

Boxing - A Great Fat Burning Workout

Boxing - A Great Fat Burning Workout

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