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Top 10 Ways To Lose Christmas Fat Part 2

Posted Jan 05 2010 6:02pm

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If you saw my previous post about the Top 10 Ways to lose the Christmas fat you’ll know that I only listed 5 insider tips for you.

Hopefully you have taken action on those 5 and are ready for the final instalment.

So without any further ado, let’s roll with 6-10.

6) Spend Less Time In The Gym Or Working Out At Home

No it’s not a typo. If you’re still training for an hour or even more each workout then it’s time to leave the 1990’s or early naughties behind.

This video will explain further on this point.

You with me yet? Time to give these 20-30 minute gym workout routines or home workout programs a go.

7) Clear Your House Of Leftover Christmas Foods

One of the best ways to get rid of your Christmas fat is to ensure that your house isn’t full of chocolates, pudding and all the other good stuff that caused you to put on the extra baggage in the first place.

If it’s still around the house, chances are it’ll get eaten in a weak moment or when you’re stressed.

Throw Away Leftover Christmas Treats

Throw Away Leftover Christmas Treats

You can always give the extra food to a food charity if you feel bad about getting rid of perfectly good food.

Sure it may seem like a drastic step but do you want the Christmas Season and the Christmas fat to continue piling on until February? I didn’t think so.

8) Be Careful With Your Cheat Meals

It’s all too easy to undo all the hard work you’ve put in with a blow out on the weekend at your favourite restaurant.

Cheat meals are an essential part of any healthy eating plan and I encourage you to eat them.

I just need you to be wary of your total and ensure that you are having no more than 10% of your weekly meals as cheats.

Say you eat 6 times a day – that’s 42 meals a week and 4 cheat meals. No more.

Cheat here and you’re cheating your fat loss potential.

Check out this post on cheat meals explained to find out more.

9) Find A Mate To Keep You Accountable

Training with a mate is a great way to stay committed to your goal. Let’s say you and your bestie are focused on getting the body you’ve always wanted in 2010 but you know that in the past you’ve fallen to temptation all too easily its time you brought your friend on board to help.

They can help pump up your tyres when you don’t feel like training or are tempted to blow the healthy eating plan and destroy the buffet or the office birthday cake that doesn’t even taste that great anyway.

Enlist Your Mates To Help With Your Training Program

Enlist Your Mates To Help With Your Training Program

And it works the same way when they don’t feel like it – you’re their cheer squad and person to kick them up the backside and keep them focused.

Besides, you’ll enjoy the shopping afterwards when you’re both out looking for that new pair of skinny jeans.

10) Join A Bootcamp Style Workout Program

Bootcamps, group training programs – call them what you will. These work.

They are great for burning off the Christmas kilos and when you follow tips 1 through to 9 and implement this as well then you know you’re going to be on the right track.

Sydney's Fat Loss Specialist

Sydney's Fat Loss Specialist

Why not make 2010 your best year yet? I know I am.

So if you are interested in a pretty awesome Sydney Boot Camp experience than come and join me. But don’t take my word for it. Just head on over to the DPM Performance page and see what my success stories have to say about the training.

What extra points would you add to this top 10 list? I’m keen to hear from you!

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