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Top 10 Fitness Experts To Follow On Twitter

Posted Sep 17 2009 11:01pm

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Okay, if you are on the twitter train you gotta check me out first of all at Twitter Munday and get updated with the latest blog posts and motivation quotes to pump up your tyres.

On Friday, Twitter has a #Follow Friday thing which is a way of giving people a wrap and spreading the word in a positive way so consider this list my mass #Follow Friday.

The Top 10 Fitness Experts to Follow are people that don’t just spam post after post after post without interacting. That really gets up my nose. They also update regularly and provide killer motivation and weight loss tips that will help you achieve the goals you desire.

I don’t care how famous or popular you think you are but if you don’t interact with people don’t bother posting.

So forget the spammers, and onto my Top 10 Fitness Twitterers that actually might answer your question!

# 1) James Kerrison:
I’ll start with the fellow Aussie. James is a great bloke who lives in Tassie and gets people into shape down there. He’s got a popular blog that is starting to get more attention over at

# 2) Spida Hunter
Although not an Aussie, he’s a Kiwi so it’s close enough in Twitterland. Besides that he pumps out some cool fitness stuff that you should check out. He also loves his NRL footy so you gotta give the man credit – although I hope we beat the All Blacks in the Rugby tomorrow night!

Spida’s blog is worth checking out cause he trains with real gear like kettlebells and other kick arse stuff.

# 3) Craig Ballantyne
Craig is the creator of the ever popular Turbulence Training Workouts and the Doggfather of fitness internet marketing.

I call him the Doggfather because his little mate Bally follows him around everywhere. Craig cranks out some cool posts and links as well as always providing killer content.

# 4) Angelique Pires – MsFitBC
Fitness Model Angelique is a Canadian who loves the Aussie accent so I have to include her in this top 10 list. Provides good fitness tips each week that are easy to implement into your routine. Her Boot Camp website is Angelique Personal Training.

# 5) Noel Lyons
Noel is a Pommy guy (don’t hold that against him) who lives on the beach in Spain for half the year – smart man I’d say. Noel has been around for a while but has his finger on the pulse of all things fitness and his tech savy too – he’s the guy who put this blog together for me (cheers mate). Noel’s blog has some really good marketing content for fitness pros.

# 6) Dave Soucy
Dave is from the States and provides some cool fitness tips and information like everyone on here. He’s big at breaking the diet myths. He’s got a cool 15 minute workout vid on his blog that you should check out.

# 7) Sarah Rippel – Fit Pro Sarah
When I first came across Sarah I knew that I’d like her. Her opening bio statement is Gyms Suck! She loves her serious training and hates the same fluffy gym machines that I do. Check out Sarah’s blog

#- 8 Joe Gigantino
I came across Joe a month or two ago and he provides a new workout of the day on his Workout blog each week that is worth checking out – especially when he featured my Michelle Obama Workout!

# 9) Melissa Wall – MissWall
Miss Wall is a super positive source in Twitterland and is a Womens Fat Loss Expert you need to jump on and follow as well – even if her facebook photo is her at a Yankees game…

# 10) Jenny DiDonato
Jenny has a cool video blog Made Fit TV that is worth checking out and has a cool Brides Fit program which I have a special affinity for seeing as I’m getting married in 9 weeks from today!

Anybody I missed? Or who do you think should be on this list?

There’s another couple of people who I also check out like Strong Sarah, MsJAthletics and Caroline Radway.

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