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Top 10 Excuses For Not Training

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:45pm

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I reckon I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not training so today I’m giving you my top 10 excuses for not training.

If you’ve got any that you’ve used, or had used on you before when someone bailed out, I want to hear them in the comments section below.

There's No Excuses For Not Working Out

There's No Excuses For Not Working Out

1) It’s Too Cold:
This one makes me laugh especially when I hear it from a fellow Aussie. Really do we have a cold winter? Not compared to our mates in the UK or some US states.

I’ll take ours anyday.

Sure our definition of cold may differ and I think it’s cold if you have to put a jumper on but really – if you can’t work outside because it may only be 10 degrees celcius than it’s time to toughen up princess!

2) It’s Too Hot:
Now this may be a vaild point in some parts of Australia but there’s always an alternative – do it earlier in the day before the sun gets hot, do it inside in the airconditioned comfort.

Simple solution if you’re training when it’s hot – drink plenty of water

3) I Left My Gear At Home:
Do you really think this excuse cuts the mustard? Sure, you can’t train in your underwear BUT you can get home early and do your workout at home.

4) I Can’t Afford A Gym Membership
This isn’t even an excuse. It’s a cop out. If people still think they need a gym to train in 2009 then you really are clutching at straws for excuses.

Once you see what Home Workout Exercises has to offer you – i.e. videos, programs, forum and blog posts about bodyweight training and fat loss then you have no more excuses anymore. Oh yeah – this site is free too – just breaking another excuse for you!

5) I Travel Too Much To Commit To A Routine:
BS. You haven’t heard of bodyweight training? Re-read my last point and join the free community site devoted entirely to bodyweight training and start doing some bodyweight exercises in your hotel room.

6) I’ll Start With You Once I Start Getting A Little Fitter
As stupid as this sounds, it’s a regular excuse that I’ve heard as a Sydney Personal Trainer and I’m sure that Sydneysiders aren’t the only people using this excuse.

Isn’t getting fitter and leaner the reason for hiring a Personal Trainer in the first place? You would have thought so. But it is just another cop out that I’ve heard for people not taking action.

7) I’ve Got No Time
Sure you don’t. But what did you do when you got home from work last night? Sat in front of the TV for a couple of hours right?

Make the time to exercise. It really isn’t that hard. If even the busiest executives, Prime Ministers and Presidents in the world can make the time to exercise while juggling family commitments, work commitments as well as making the time to workout then I sure the average Joe and Jane like you and me can manage it too.

Don't Tell Me You Don't Have The Time To Train

Don't Tell Me You Don't Have The Time To Train

Get up earlier, watch less TV, don’t spend an hour on facebook or twitter each day, don’t partake in mindless office gossip and use that time to be more productive so you can workout.

My Aussie Fatblast program takes 20 minutes maximum a day to do – less on some days. Tell me that you don’t have the time for 20 lousy minutes!

8 – I’m Too Far Gone:
I’m sure your kids don’t want to be at your funeral before they turn 21 so you are never too far gone.

Sure, be selfish and don’t change but first I want you to look your kids in the eye and appologise for not being there for their 21st, graduation, wedding, birth of their own kids – your grandkids. Do you want me to go on?

9) I Don’t Have Any One To Train With:
So join a group training session. You meet people and it only costs a few bucks each session compared to normal 1 on 1 Personal Training.

If you don’t want to do group personal training, train on your own – it’s really not that hard. Follow along with an online fat loss training program.

10) I Just Can’t Be Bothered:
Really? Go back and read excuse 8 and see if you still can’t be bothered. I hope you have a good funeral plan picked out.

This video is one of my all time favourite Youtube vids. It’s from a Nike commercial in the states and it’s pretty appropriate for this post.

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