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Tommy Europe Saturday, Son's baptism Sunday. Crazy busy weekend...

Posted Oct 17 2011 2:25pm
Hey Bloggers. Well Monday is upon us, and once again got back on the wagon. Its been kind of a crazy last 2 weeks for me and have not put in as much as I wish I had as far as weightloss and exercise, but I am still going.

This morning I woke up after having yet another crazy weekend, and need to do this right,  get back to the gym. I guess it helped last night as I actually began to read a book that a friend gave me a long time ago that I never got a chance to read which is that one by Anthony robbins Awakening the Giant Within. I only am on chapter 2 right now but one thing that stood out that I have always known (so far that i have read) is when you really want something, REALLY want something you will keep it going everyday basically until you get there. There is no inbetween. You mentally need to keep going until you reach your goal and do whatever it  takes to get there. It reminded me of my old transformation and basically this is what it was for me at the time and I could completely relate to what he was talking about. I had a vision, a goal, and I was ready to do WHATEVER it took to get there in the time given. And there were no excuses, there was no time for was a goal of mine and mentally I guess I was ready and prepared as it was something I really wanted for myself. I never wanted something so bad EVER.

So that being said, I am continuing to read a little of that book every night, hoping to finish it so when i give it back to my friend I can actually say I read it and it wasnt just there collecting dust. ;-)

I also noticed that the last little while I have found with NOT going to the gym, and NOT incorporating that into my daily routine that my days all of a sudden felt longer, and I also felt a little more anxious in general. This isnt something new for me. I remember feeling this even when i took a leave of absence for a year and was home with the kids due to childcare issues. A year can be a long time for me home, and I find if I dont have a good plan and keep busy..I just start feeling more anxious during the day, more irratible, and basically didnt want that to start up again this time.

 So any little changes I can make will help me with that. Going to the gym everyday or at least 5 days a week, even if for a short time 30 minutes should help me and having a little bit more of a plan for me a Zack throughout the day. Although right now Zacki is not doing so well. The little guy has a really bad cold, really congested so no planned outings at least for this week. I want him to get better :-(

I also still have decided to take that "pressure" off of me like I had mentioned I think before. So that means going to the gym, but not pushing myself so hard. But to keep it going. Sometimes slower is better...and the less the pressure on me I know is better. I am not sure how I actually dealt with that pressure last time, but I know for me things are different now where I dont deal with pressure that well like I used to or being in the "light" of things. Not sure why that is, but its true.

This is why I havent posted too much of my blog on facebook lately compared to the beginning. To avoid that pressure of people reading and wanting good stuff. I figured whoever really wants to read my blog anyways they will come without me promoting it. And this helps me cause then i think you are all here reading my personal diary cause you want to...whether I push myself or not, without giving me that pressure to always be "perfect".

So that being said, if I dont come on as much as I used to please understand thats why. Just wanting to rid of some of the pressure so I dont feel overwhelmed. I am still going to continue on and post things..but perhaps not as much ..maybe once a week instead or weigh ins' or pictures of the stars etc I get through the weight watchers weigh ins.

I was telling my friend today that I think its really good i joined weight watchers support group. Because even though I like to be a inspiration for others, and to help others by sharing my ups and the end I "too" need that accountability and motivation. So this will continue to help me stay focused long term and it doesnt break my wallet.

Anywayssss Thanks for reading hoping for a good week. We will talk soon. If I can get that star on Wednesday morning I will post it...but i did eat really bad yesturday at the buffet for my sons baptism :-(
but if I get it you will see it..and if I didnt..for sure next wednesday.

As always thanks for your support and coming back. I really appreciate it.

Oh forgot to mention about Saturday..went to the Tommy Europe boot camp thing. Wow...that guy is in such amazing shape. Some of the moves he was showing us was incredible that HE could even do those things, looked like a bionic man lol...I was sore and still am a little but nothing I cant deal with. The cardio workout today I am sure helped as well. So that was a positive thing I did over the weekend. Sometimes change is good. Change of scenery, change of atmosphere but still geting a workout where you can.

Take care... here are a few photos...

This is me taking the pic with Tommy. Honestly I HATE this picture. Well, myself in it anyways. I find I look so fat in it :-(  Oh well. Next time Tommy I come back better ;-)

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