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Together with a low calorie diet...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:15pm

Together with a low calorie diet and daily physical exercise, Metabocel weight control tablets can help a person achieve a healthy body weight and healthier life. This weight loss supplement is perfect for those who have slow metabolism, cellulites, excess weight, and sugar cravings.

Health effects

Metabocel weight control tablets curb appetite, reduce cravings, and diminish carb intake. Metabocel weight control tablets also improve liver and thyroid functions; activate metabolism of brown fat, boost energy and regulate the blood sugar level.

Active ingredients

Metabocel weight control tablets have an extract of Brindleberry or Garcinia quaesita, a strong herb. One tablet of Metabocel weight control contains 5500 mg. Brindleberry herb has been used for cooking in Asian countries. This herb gives off a sweet taste, which enhances flavor and meal satisfaction.

Rich in HCA or Hyrdoxy Citric Acid, Brindleberry herb helps control appetite and stop fat production. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of HCA in Brindleberry herb in weight loss treatment. HCA has been found to block the action of the enzyme that is responsible for fat storage.

Metabocel Weight Control tablets also contain Tyrosine, which helps burn fat fast and effectively. This ingredients act on the function of the thyroid gland, which lead to faster metabolic rate. It also eases brain fatigue and enhances mood. In the production of thyroid hormones, Tyrosine is needed.

Herb extracts

Metabocel weight control tablets also contain extracts of Fucus vesiculosus or kelp and capsicum annuum. Other ingredients are chromium, zinc, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and pectin.

Kelp contains Iodine, which stimulates thyroid function. Iodine deficiency results to an increased level of fat and cholesterol in the blood. It also results to weight gain. Chromium helps in the metabolism of glucose. Pectin, which is a soluble fiber, regulates cholesterol level. It also provides additional bulk in the diet, which helps in curbing appetite.

All natural

Metabocel weight control tablets do not have artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and colors. It also does not have gluten, table salt, lactose, and dairy products.

Daily intake

Follow the instructions at the label when taking Metabocel weight control tablets. Consult a health care professional to make sure that you are taking the appropriate dosage. For adults, take only one tablet three times a day. Ingest the tablets five to ten minutes before a meal. Take it with water. One bottle of Metabocel weight control contains 90 tablets, which can last for a month.

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