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Todays breakfast special...1 egg, 3 egg white omlete....lunch chicken with side of salad!

Posted Apr 01 2010 6:50am
Hey guys, just thought I would share my breakfast with you all this morning. Its all about presentation, healthy whole food choices (most of the time). I try and make my plate look a little nicer when doing so by adding different colours of veggies which in turn gives you different flavours etc..

So...I would like to introduce you to my 1 egg 3 egg white omlette!! I eat this alot for breaky actually.

I have half cut up tomato in there
I have a couple of good size mushrooms cut up small
And a really big handful of baby spinach also cut up.
I usually add some salt and pepper to taste, along with some parsley..and voila!
It only takes minutes to prepare. Add a fruit on the side, nothing like a natural source of sugar that gets your body a little more energized for getting up and going  in the morning. Water as my source of beverage to cleanse.
It actually turns out to be a pretty big omlette(as you can tell I have cut it up in 4 pieces)..filled with great nutrients..and colour..and best thing about this know whats in that food! All naturale and good good for you not to mention balanced!
For some reason in this picture the omlete turned out alot darker looking then when I ate it, but thats ok, you get the point! April 1st people!
Get crackin'!-)
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