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Today's a new day

Posted Nov 25 2005 12:00am

I woke up this morning and my first thought as always is ... it's wonderful to be alive! My second was ... did I do any damage on my weight loss journey with what I ate throughout the day yesterday? Since I am one who weighs every day, I figured no other way to check than step on the scale and see. So I did just that!

I had a plan for my eating for yesterday. I stayed true to my program for breakfast, snack, and lunch. For dinner we went to HomeTown Buffet where Ceci's dad works. Here's what I ate ...a large salad with lettuce, cucumber, onion, carrots and low fat ranch dressing; 1/2 cup of corn chowder (decided I'd rather have this soup than mashed potatoes); about 4 ounces of turkey; one cup of green beans; small spoon of stuffing with a tiny bit of gravy on it (already had the gravy on it in the pan or I would not have had gravy); and for dessert I had a one and a half inch square of some kind of sugar-free lime jello/cool whip dessert. Given that there was a LOT of fat laden, high carb, high sugar foods there, I think I did pretty darn well! I was quite proud of myself last night. The question today is am I proud today?

I had been bummed going into this holiday as some of you may remember. I was bummed because I live very near my siblings and not one of them gave my family or I a second thought. I wanted a big family gathering and it looked like it was going to be just Tim and I spending the day together. I'm happy to say that Mandi came home from work and went out to dinner with us. Our oldest daughter joined us at the buffet and picked up Ceci but she visited with us for a while. So ... my family was together for the holiday, just not my whole family. I can live with that!

I didn't get to watch my movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". We went to rent it at the video store and it was out. Darn! Tim said we'll buy our own copy on DVD and watch it in the very near future. I was disappointed, but all in all it was a good day!

So ... how did your holiday go? Did you have an eating plan? Did you stick to your plan? Did you wake up, and like me, just have to step on that scale to see if you did any damage? Were you shocked, disappointed, or angry at the number that popped up? Or were you pleased, proud, or happy with the magic number?

I want you to know that whatever the outcome, today is a new day. If you didn't do as well as you'd have liked, leave it behind you, in the past where it belongs. Start today as if it were the first day of your program. Get right back at it and move the numbers on the scale down again. It was one day out of the year. It will only ruin your weight loss journey if you allow it to rule today, tomorrow, and beyond. Thanksgiving is over. Time to knuckle down and keep the scales moving downward in preparation for the challenge of Christmas. Forgive yourself, if you slipped up yesterday. Jump back on the train and continue your journey. No man or woman will be left behind!

You're probably grumbling by now because I've teased you all through this post with how I did yesterday. I know ... I can be irritating sometimes. I like suspense. Let me just say, I was proud of myself yesterday ... and I'm proud of myself today. The scale showed half a pound less today than yesterday. Woo hoo! I had a plan and I stuck to it. My plan paid off. As my friend Paul said in my comments area yesterday ... if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is important ladies and gentlemen. Let's plan to end this year with a bang of success!

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