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Today I love:

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
  • celery and peanut butter: especially natural peanut butter because when it's at room temperature, it's a bit runny and feels more like a "dip" for my celery sticks. As of late, I've been buying the pre-washed, cut and packaged celery sticks snack packs and just open one up and dip them in my peanut butter. Me loves.
  • not counting points or calories: by following the relative measurements of size of palm, fist, thumb etc. I am following proper portion sizes for me and in NOT counting calories or points, I am still getting the proper amount of food my body needs, but it also keeps my body from becoming adaptive to a certain amount of calories. My body is kept guessing as to what I'm going to feed it next and doesn't get a chance to adapt. Me loves.
  • that my scale sneak peak was down this morning lower than my last WI which is a relief because I ended up having a Saturday AND Sunday Cheat Day.
  • that I am happy with my body even though it's not perfect. I'm not trying to be a covergirl or make other people impressed - only my husband to be.
  • that I'm getting married in 8 weeks!
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