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Today I forgive myself for being obese

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am
Today I am choosing to forgive myself for being obese, I am choosing to stop mentally abusing myself for all the time I have made the wrong choice, made a mistake or fallen off the wagon on this journey. I am choosing not to allow myself to mentally abuse and torture myself any longer for past mistakes, past wrong choices and bad habits. I choose not to allow myself to talk negatively to myself and I will not be my own mental abuser any longer.

I choose to live a life where I make healthy choices not only about my weight, food and exercise but also about the mental talks I give myself and what I say when doing this. I choose to be my own best friend who does not treat myself like I am worthless I choose this as without this I will never ever be a healthy person, I maybe a thin person who exercises well but I will not be a healthy person.

I am going to forgive myself and allow myself to start the new journey of maintaining this new lifestyle and way of living. To forgive myself and allow myself to be and do what I choose to and all the things “I couldn’t” for fear of failing or for fear of being too heavy. I am going to challenge myself to be the most kind and caring person to myself that I can be, and I am going to challenge myself to be the best role model for the children I teach and for others battling with the same daemons I have for most of my life. I am going to be the best person I can be and accomplish the things I want in life and not let the fear of the unknown or the past stop me.

“I am a beautiful determined woman who can achieve all she puts her mind too.”

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