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To Shed Extra Pounds You Have to Want a Learning Experience

Posted Mar 07 2011 10:06am

Is everything in life a learning experience? Well, maybe it should be.

Losing unwanted weight and keeping the excess weight off permanently should certainly be one big learning experience—made up of lots of little learning experiences. How to: kickstart a diet, not cheat on a diet, get back on your diet plan, control your weight, change your eating behavior, stop overeating, stop emotional eating, think before you act, have self-control, not be too strict, set smart goals and objectives, prevent relapse, how to say “no”, keep up your motivation, make good choices, plan for lots of good success along the way. If losing weight isn’t a learning experience, what is?

Now—and here’s the dilemma—most weight “losers” (“losers” because they are not able to lose weight and keep it off)—set a performance goal to shed such and such number of extra pounds, rather than setting learning goals and objectives to change the very personal issues that, in the first place, made them gain added weight and keep weight on. They don’t change, and they don’t learn. That’s what’s wrong. No learning, or too little learning, and successful weight loss stays a fervent wish; it does not become the reality it should be.

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