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To Keep the Weight Off, Each of Us Must Solve Her Own Personal Problems

Posted Jun 07 2010 2:00am

Each of us has our own history and therefore our own problems to solve if we want to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Take Laura, for instance. She is 38 and too overweight for her own liking, and for her own good. She has been this way since her first year of college. Before college, she was overweight too, but never too much. Since her late teens, her weight has always been too much. She's tried lots of different diets, done well on some, lost weight, but she gained it right back when she wasn't constantly monitoring what she ate.

Well, there's a back story, Laura's history. Laura never really knew who she was. It started when she was a very little girl, but it started small, and it wasn't apparent. By the time Laura was in high school, she had become a pleaser. She looked to others to see what she should do (and who she should be). She tried to cover this pattern up by having the reputation of someone who fits in with others well. She was well-liked for this, and this served to reinforce the pattern.

In college, this fitting in stuff started to break down for Laura. Others her age were solidifying their identities just fine. Laura couldn't. This is when she really started to overeat, over-snack, develop the bad eating habits that would last right up to her present age of 38.

As you can see, Laura has a very definite, personal problem to solve. She still hasn't consolidated her identity. Instead of solving the problem, she eats over it.

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