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To Get Fit, Your Exercise and Diet Regimens Have to Fit (You)

Posted Mar 19 2010 4:18am

Let’s say you want to lose the weight, and you decide the best way to do it is to start dieting and also start an exercise program. This is a common way to go about losing weight—a good way.

Did you know that there is an issue of “fit” here? What this involves is the fit between who you are, and the means you choose to achieve your goal of losing the weight.  The method or methods you choose as tools to get the weight off need to mesh with who you are and how you like to live your life. If you choose dieting and fitness programs that don’t “feel right”,  it will most likely disrupt your effort at some point—probably sooner rather than later.

So, if you choose a diet that is totally alien to you—for example, a low-carb diet when you really don’t like meat or fish or cheese, or a weight-loss plan with a daily calorie count that is drastically below what you are used to eating, or an weight-loss diet plan that requires you to follow particular recipes when you don’t have time to do it—all of this will not jive with life as you know it. Yes, of course, dieting requires certain changes, but you need to pick a weight-loss diet plan that asks you to change in ways that are more comfortable for you, rather than demanding changes that feel strange and painful.

The same is true for any exercise program you decide to undertake. It should feel doable; it should be something you think you can enjoy. You know the join-the-gym-then-quit syndrome. People sign up thinking suddenly they’ll be able to make themselves go to the gym 3 times a week, but then can’t do it. For many women, starting out with a couple of walks a week is a gentle way of easing into exercising. It doesn’t feel strange, and it’s not too hard. That’s the idea.

If your dieting/exercise program is a really good fit for you, you are starting off with an effective tool. When you feel good about what you are doing, when you feel like it all fits you well, you will undoubtedly be more fully engaged in the weight-loss process, and you will be far less likely to fail.

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