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To Control Cravings

Posted Dec 03 2008 7:17pm

<strong>Tips To Control Cravings:</strong>

I could never buy this idea....cravings are bodies deficiencies for certain minerals or vitamins. See if we are really deficient in iron and magnesium.....why don't we ever crave for 'fresh greens'!

And never confuse cravings with hunger! If we are that hungry we should be more satisfied with plain and bland kanji(oatmeal soup).

Then what is cravings? We crave for those food...we tasted before. Our tantalized tongue reminds us our past experience!

<strong>First goal:</strong>

Don't explore more and more eating out or new cuisines. Try to follow simple diet...stick to one or two cuisine style! The more you explore the more you'll crave! By mere eating different restaurant foods...will never make you to sit in the top of the status ladder!!! And eating home-cooked meals is not that bad idea.

<strong>Pack your food for office/ short trips:</strong>

I get this nasty look from my friends...when I say, I like to pack nuts and fruits before a shopping trip! After all we're living in alluring world now. The marketing tech's, anthropometric ads....being prepared to defend yourself is not that sick!

<strong>Eat Full Before Shopping:</strong>

So you'll make healthy choice. You'll never get carried away with alluring packs and junks!

<strong>Select 1 Ingredient Labels:</strong>

For apple, fresh nuts....all energy boosting, but one ingredient! The labels are long with may not know(excess in salt,preservatives, too much processed....)

<strong>Feed Others:</strong>

Remember this could be fun and more satisfying....yeah than eating yourself!

<strong>Boring, Loneliness & Stress:</strong>

Boring, loneliness and stress could be the reason for you eating unhealthy/cravings. SO get out of your house and meet people. Do something supportive, to be active...

<strong>Take a power Nap:</strong>

Napping for 20 minutes could not only refresh you...also make you to forget about craving!

<strong>Clean Your Mouth Often:</strong>

Soon after heavy lunch or dinner...yet you make room for the dessert!!! Then this tip is for you....clean your mouth after meals. Brush your teeth, gargle with Listerine or take a mint refresher....chew a gum! If your mouth is so wouldnt want to spoil it that quickly, right!

<strong>When You Crave - Things You Have To Do:</strong>

Call your friend and talk for a long will eventually forget.

Take a walk around ur block or neighbourhood....that will be relaxing.

Turn on ur music system and enjoy.

Remember any cravings will last for only 20 minutes. And mere satisfying it in 2 minutes won't just help. It is an addiction...and need to be addressed. So change your mind...concentrate on your hobby or something!

Sipping green ice tea would be a better choice...than indulging in chocolate bars!

<strong>Home Arrangements to Avoid Cravings:</strong>

Try to put your snacks and stuff only in the pantry room. If you don't have a separate pantry them on your unreachable cupboards. Though not always...but works most of the time.

<strong>Shopping Smart:</strong>

Try not to buy big box of cookies, chips bags, large ice cream, cakes, chocolates....just because you have got a good deal! Buy only mini pack of crackers(whole wheat/multi grain). Mini pack nuts(un salted). So when you really crave hard...treat yourself with these mini picks. They will be energy boosting!

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