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Tired, tired, tired....

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
I went for a walk in the Pennines today (at Widdop Reservoir, near Burnley,pictured). I think I covered about 15km on rough ground with a few ups and downs but no major climbs. The walk took about four hours in total, including stops, and I have arrived back home feeling really tired. Now, I know it's been a really hot day with a deeply intense blue sky, but I don't think I should feel as tired as I do. In fact, I was feeling quite tired right at the start of the walk and have been moving along somewhat sluggishly all day.

I suppose one possible reason for this is related to what I have been eating the past couple of days - after all, energy out is largely controlled by energy in. Yesterday and the day before I only managed about 800 calories a day, mainly because I find it difficult to consume more than that when on fluids. I have, in the past, supplemented the calories from fluid intake by sucking on chocolate - but I thought I'd try to avoid it on this occasion. However, I have a theory that my lethargy may also be related to having the de-fill. Although the fill / de-fill procedure is largely painless and only takes a few minutes, I think that it actually takes more out of me than I think.
Today, I ate Oatso Simple porridge for breakfast. For lunch I ate some Tesco vegetarian cottage pie and a yoghurt. This evening I had my favourite meal, salmon, soft-cooked broccoli and mash. I am still supposed to be on fluids but have moved onto mush a day early - I don't think it's as essential to be strict after a de-fill, as opposed to a fill - because foods sould have got easier, not more difficult. I am sat here feeling quite full but oddly still tired and craving something sweet and packed with sugar. If only I had some chocolate.....
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