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Tiramisu, I knew you too well

Posted Oct 05 2010 7:00am

I've never been so happy to get to the bottom of an ice cream container.

unhealthMosaic of Child Eating Ice Cream

Even as I embarked on testing out a diet book , I knew it was there. In the fridge. A cool, luscious whisper calling my name in dulcet tones: Publix Low Fat Tiramisu Ice Cream. I bought it for that child of mine who loves tiramisu dessert. (Oh wait, none of my actual children love this flavor so it must have been for my own inner child.)

Never had it before; in fact, never had seen it in the ice cream aisle. Usually I buy the flavors that I hate, and then I can openly encourage my family to enjoy them right in front of me. But the Tiramisu, I bought. And it was heavenly. As in .. seconds, anyone? That's when I knew I had to finish this baby pronto. AND NEVER BUY IT AGAIN.

Is it the worst thing in the world? At 260 calories for a cup, maybe not. But it certainly wasn't in the playbook, and it added 1,000 calories to my weekly intake. And the way I look at it, anything that sparks daily cravings needs to be out the door for good.

Bye, tiramisu. I will miss you. But I hope we never meet again.

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