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Tips for Losing Weight: Guard Your Goal

Posted Mar 14 2010 5:21am

Goal tending is very important when you want to achieve something as significant as losing the weight.

So, once you set your goal at losing the weight, you’ll need to keep that goal safe; you’ll need to protect it and defend it as you move towards it. What does this mean? It means you’ll need to do whatever you need to do so it doesn’t slip away from you.

Tending to a goal is a very individual and personal matter, but here are 2 essential things to consider that will help you protect your goal. First, and very important, is to try and maintain an attitude of flexibility as you take the steps necessary to reach the goal. Being flexible means that you monitor your progress, see what you are doing that is working, and what you are doing that is not working. Then, if you can allow yourself to bend a bit, you can modulate your behavior accordingly. The more rigid you are as you try to lose the weight, the easier it is to give up at the first or second slip-up. Then, of course, that wonderful goal you set for yourself vanishes. Being flexible, making necessary adjustments as you go, will bring your goal ever more within your reach.

A second important category under goal protection is planning for things that will hinder you. If you don’t do this, your goal will elude you for sure. You must prepare yourself for potential impediments, because they are inevitable. Don’t assume things will go smoothly or easily, because they almost never do. Anticipating the bumps in the road and thinking about how to get over them will go a long way to help you close in on your desired weight-loss goal.

These are two examples of goal tending. You can decide what other things you need to do.

Losing the weight is your objective. Tend to this goal. You can do it, even though it’s in the future. Guard it with your life. Often, that’s what it takes.

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