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Tin Foil Tidbits

Posted Feb 13 2014 10:07pm

OK- Why is it that no one has ever told me about the miracle of Tin Foil (aluminum foil to some).. I mean seriously!

In one of my first apartments my Auntie showed up with a foil “pan” for the bottom of the oven to help keep it clean… so ever since then I lay a large piece of tim foil in the bottom of our oven.. when something leaks out of a pan- it is so easy to just pick up the foil, add a new piece, and move on!

It is only recently that I realized I could put foil in any pan that I cook in. It seems I have always used the awesome Pampered Chef bar pans… they are supposed to be cooked in directly and get the grease and oil all built up in them.. but since I had TWO (that’s right TWO) of them CRACK in half on me in a year- I have decided to seek other options. Until I find the best one… I have been using two Pampered Chef PIE TINS!

Seriously.. the whole tin foil thing started because the pie tin (which because I do not bake- calories you know- have hardly ever been used BUT the non-stick surface is all pocked and broken- Pampered Chef quality is NOT what it used to be!) So because it is all pocked-up I decided to cover it with the tin foil. And VOILA! ICI! We realized.. wow how easy to clean is this!!?

No more scrubbing- usually just a quick rinse is enough once we take the tin foil out and throw it away! THIS IS AWESOME! I mean really? Who loves to scrub pots and pans? Not us! This solution is awesome..

So how come no one told us about this before? You have been holding out on me!

Do you use tin foil when you make dinner? How do you use it? Any more secrets out there no one is telling me?

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