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Tile part deux

Posted Feb 04 2013 9:18pm

What a Super Bowl, eh?  AT first it didn’t seem like it would be exciting, but then it turned out to be.  We had a spread for the game:


I enjoyed some of the commercials.  I am not a prude by any stretch, but I have to say that the half-time show and some of the commercials were just too suggestive – and even past suggestive to uncomfortable.  Especially when there were kids in the house (Go Daddy, I am looking in your direction here!).

My sister gave me a book that she had of mine. I don’t know how she ended up with this book, but it was one of my favorites as a kid.


I had to laugh because I see this note in the book – on the last page. 


LOL!  Smart Lori because you wouldn’t see this until after you finished the book.

After all that food, it was nice to get back to my usual morning stuff:


It was a busy day at work and then I had a call in to Rustoleum about the blue tile.  Of course, they were saying that if I just didn’t like the color, that was not covered under the guarantee and that the White Frost was supposed to be blue.  I was explaining to them that it wasn’t that I didn’t like the color – it was that the color did not match the sample. So, I uploaded pictures comparing the sample against the tile.


The top box on the left is the White Frost sample.  Doesn’t that color look more like the box below it (clear sky)?


Come on!  They got back to me later and told me that my tile color *was* white frost, but they will refund the money on my kits as a gesture of good faith.  I do appreciate that very much. So now we will redo the tile and not get White Frost, that is for sure.  Just plain white and hopefully that won’t be purple or something. They need to redo their sample cards.  I do love the product, though. Showering today and it was so fresh and clean feeling – although a bit like being in a public pool, as John said.

Now that means another weekend without a shower at some point. Not in a big hurry to redo that, I have to say. Before the end of the month. We’ll say that at least.

Now I can at least go back to my gold color scheme :D   This week will be finishing up the wall texturing before painting. It’s a bit tedious sanding down and going over to make the walls smooth, but it feels like progress now with the hardest parts behind (demo and redoing dry wall).

Just watched episode 5 of Downton Abbey.  I can’t believe the season is almost over. I think there are 7 episodes and the Christmas special?

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