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Thyroid and Calcium Levels

Posted Dec 13 2007 5:38pm 2 Comments

Despite working out everyday and eating properly, I seem to have gained weight after initially losing quite a bit. I started out on this site weighing 230lbs and got down to 200lbs before getting back up to my current weight of 236lbs.

Now, I've been working out at least two hours a day, eating all the right foods, and even going so far as to avoid some events where I knew I'd have things forced on me. With the exception of one lapse, I've been keeping a predominantly vegetarian diet (cheese) but still...

I had been previously told by my doctor that my blood calcium levels were abysmal despite that awesome DEXA scan and, initially, I was put on Eucalciferol to counter that. Once I've finished that prescription, I'm due for a long term supplement regimen.

Today, I got a call from the same Doctors office about more recent lab results that show that my Thyroid levels are low enough to be of medical concern. This is not surprising to me due to my taking two medications that can interefere with Thyroid function and due to the fact that having low Thyroid function runs in my family on the womens side on reaching age 40.

So now, I'm trying to figure out if, despite working out and keeping up with Kid Fitness and Wai Lana, I'm gaining this weight back mainly due to Thyroid and Edema problems. :(

I'm getting stronger, have better stamina, but I get tired really easily and recently, I've been more like this than should be normal.

Darn it. Setbacks.

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I too am struggling with my weight and no thyroid (due to thyroid cancer). This is just my experience...I was on generic Synthroid for about two years and never could get any of the weight off at all. Then finally, since my TSH levels were too low even with higher doses of generic Synthroid, the doctor switched me to name brand Synthroid. Since then I have lost 10 pounds and have a bit more energy. I am stuck at the 10 pounds but, it is a start. Also, magnesium and vitamin D will help with calcium absorption.
Good luck ~ Mandy
Thanks for your comments...many months later. *grin*
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