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Thursday Thought III (with NFNS update)

Posted Oct 02 2008 12:26pm

Next Food Network Star

I’m slightly distracted this Thursday morning with thoughts of a certain reality show swimming in my head but there was no way I was missing Thursday Thoughts! Now, don’t get impatient and scroll to the bottom, I have some good link this Thursday!

  • First of all since becoming (feeling more and more comfortable saying this) a runner I’ve been obsessed with finding new routes. My community is getting boring and frankly it’s too short (ok, I never thought i’d say that!) So I’ve turned to two website for helps. and both use google maps to allow you to search and enter routes. I was surprised to see all the entered routes in my area!
  • On the dieting front, I don’t remember how I found this article but boy is great! MORNING AFTER DIET CRASH addresses the feelings of guilt when "bingeing" with a great story about two wolves, guilt and forgiveness.
  • OK, this one is just funny. A few days ago the husband and I took the toddler to Barnes & Nobel and somehow got on the discussion of, ummm, well to put in toddler terms "going potty". We were laughing about how the need to go (or at least ‘let one rip’) always seems to correspond with being in a bookstore. Well, the next day I was searching google (don’t even ASK what I was looking for) and I happen to come across this forum discussion! The husband and I laughed so hard we have tears coming down our faces.
  • With this Weeks Question I asked you what plan you follow and why. I also mentioned that finding the the plan that will work for you depends on your personality and learning style. Well Forbes addressed this subject in a bit more depth. Check out the article How To Choose A Diet That Works
  • Alright, getting a bit more personal and site news like, my bio is up on the BlogHer site and I’m getting ready for the conference! I’m super excited to meet other bloggers. Since quitting my full time job, I feel like no one "gets" what I’m doing. It’s always nice to surround yourself with those in the same field now and again. I’m hoping to learn a few things and help some new bloggers out!
  • On GreenLiteBites I eased back a bit on some new ideas and I’ve been focusing on gathering for the book. I did, however, post an old idea for Big Chocolate Cupcakes, My Mushroom, Pea & Chicken Casserole idea,and this weeks video where I make turkey burgers after the gym. :~)
  • And finally, the Next Food Network Star casting call thing. I’M GOING TO DO IT!! The husband and I talked about it, the toddler thinks it’s cool and I can’t escape the "you only love once" mentality. Yes I’m busy but one of the reasons why I quit my full time faculty position at the college was to be able to pursue the opportunities that my sites would present. This is one of them. I’m not going in with high hopes but I will kick my self in the ass later if I don’t at least try and see what it’s all about. Your comments were ALL appreciated. My online friends are the BEST and I’m very thankful to have such a support system! As for the concerns about the toddler, he is the reason I have this opportunity in the first place, everything I do is for him. I’ve always worked and balanced my life as a wife, professional and mommy. IF, and OMG that is a THE BIGGEST IF I EVER WROTE, anything comes from this I’ll cross all those bridges when the time is right. But I refuse not to try, experience and learn just because I’m a mom. The toddlers in preschool during the casting call time anyway!;~P

I’m on off! I have a 12 page application to fill out and a I need to find a photograph of myself!! As always, I’ll keep you posted!

P.S. Emails are pouring in and my hosting company can’t keep up! (this is why I’m moving) Just be warned I may not receive them! I hate to think you emailed, I didn’t get it and then you though I didn’t respond! That’s like my worst fear!

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