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Thursday's Menu

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:16pm
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Weight Control, Maple and Brown Sugar, 1 serving
*Flax Seed Meal (ground flax), 1 tbsp
Almonds (sliced), 10 grams
Banana, fresh, 0.5 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
Cinnamon, ground, 1 tsp
Raspberries, 0.25 cup
So Good Trim, 0.25 cup
Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, 1 tsp
Regular Coffee, 1 cup (8 fl oz)
Light Cream (coffee cream or table cream), 1 tbsp
Starbucks Sugar Free Caramel Syrup, 1 serving

Carrots, raw, 2 medium
Hummus, 2 tbsp

Weight Watchers Tortilla, 1 serving
Chicken Breast, no skin, 50 grams
Kraft Miracle Whip Light Dressing, 1 tbsp
Avocados, California (Haas), 16 grams
Marble Cheese, part skim milk, 15 grams
Roasted Red Peppers (jarred not in oil), 1 servingSpinach, fresh, 10 leaf
Yoplait Source Dessert Yogurt, 100 gram(s)
Cool Whip Lite, 1 serving
Graham Crackers, plain, honey, or cinnamon, 1 cracker (2-1/2" square) (crumbs)

Haddock (fish), 4 oz
Baked Potato (baked potatoes), 1 potato (2-1/3" x 4-3/4")
Green Beans French style, 1 cup
Margarine like spread, approximately 60% fat, 1 tsp
Onions, raw, 0.5 cup, chopped
Canola Oil, 2 tsp

So Good Trim, 0.5 cup
Ultimate Protein Vanilla, 0.5 serving

(Daily Target)
CALORIES 1472(1380-1730)
CARBS 185(155-281)
FAT 72(31-67)
PROTEIN 75(60-151)
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