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This ish is my JAM, yo.

Posted Nov 14 2013 12:30pm

Is that headline the whitest I've ever sounded or what? 

I was totally amazed and excited when a former intern of mine pitched me. She's livin' the dream in New York, working in PR, and doin' me proud. And let this be a lesson to you, people -- the toes you step on today, may very well be connect to the ass you have too kiss tomorrow! Here was this lovely person I used to subjet to horrible tasks like packing FedEx boxes and boring research with ownership of something I wanted.

Jelly! Ever since I blogged about peanut butter, er, rather, pistachio butter , I've been itching to get my hands on some jelly to match. 


My dopey headline is making more sense now, right? RIGHT?! 

Jams by Cristina come in amazing flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb and Cotognata . They are made with love by Chef Cristina Ceccatelli and the kitchen team at her popular 16-table restaurant in Ketchum, Idaho,  Cristina’s of Sun Valley .

Each is made in small batches of roughly 25 jars, using the simplest of ingredients and methods (no measuring cups! Just a good memory for proportions). The fruit is boiled at high temperatures and for a short amount of time (around 15 minutes) so the water evaporates but the flavor remains intact. I could barely decide which flavors to try but I ended up with Pear Honey (if pear is ever an option, I almost go with it -- I inherited my love of pear from my father), and Huckleberry.


The Pear Honey is smooth, sweet and friggin' delicious. It's really meant for drizzling over yogurt in the morning -- Cristina serves it as a reduction with shrimp toast at her restaurant -- but I am not ashamed to admit I dug into it with a spoon and ate it rather like a lollipop. I bet it would taste stellar with pistachio-butter. (OMG, why didn't I think of that til now?! I need to order more.)

The Huckleberry jam comes in a smaller, 4-ounce jar because the small, tart berries are foound in the wild and therefore more expensive. That's right, I had me some fancy, fancy huckleberry jam. And Cristina does not blend her huckleberry jam with blueberries, which other brands sometimes do to lower the cost. Hers is 100% huckleberry. And 100% delicious. I tried it with a dollop of peanut butter for kicks -- it was good, and I'd do it again, but the jam stands alone. It is sweet and savory. It actually tastes rich and expensive. The huckleberry is decadent. 

Chef Cristina has never sold her jams through a wholesaler in the past so it is exciting to announce that these delicious spreads are now available online exclusively at  (which is a lovely site you should peruse if you have a momemnt - there are like 19 things I want). I think they'd make great holiday gifts. This is the kind of thing you could pass around to co-workers or clients. 

So go ahead and get your jam on, kids. If not for me, if not for Cristina, do it for my former intern. Because we'll all be working for her someday. ;)

P.S. Everytime I typed the word "huckleberry" in this post. I heard Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone in my head. So here's a a bonus-Val for you:



Disclosure thingy: Kaufman Mercantile sent me jam. I happily ate them and thusly blogged about it, honestly. 

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