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This is how I stay in shape

Posted by Stephanie B.

Now, first off, I have always had a higher than normal metabolism, so it is easier for me to keep weight off than many other people. However, now that I am older, my metabolism has slowed down. If I wanted to, I could gain weight just like everyone else.

Here is how I maintain my weight:

1. Exercise at least three times per week. For my metabolism, yoga alone will suffice. I also bike and swim.

2. Walk regularly, often instead of driving. I walk to the grocery store, I walk to the gym, I walk to many other places in my neighborhood. I have walked a 2 mile round trip just to deposit a check at the bank. Between walking and yoga I exercise daily, except for days when I am not feeling well.

3. Eat in moderation. I do not buy cookies or other desserts, except for the occasional chocolate covered pretzels. I snack throughout the day. I do not eat everything on my plate at a restaurant. I actually eat fast food quite regularly, but I don't buy the biggest burger on the menu.

That's about it. Out of all of the above, I believe the regular exercise PLUS walking is what keeps me in shape.

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